Combating corrosion, deposit formation and emissions in biomass and waste fired boilers.

About the company

ChlorOut AB is an independent subsidiary company to Vattenfall AB, established in February 2011 to market the ChlorOut concept and associated services outside the Vattenfall Group.

The company’s main business is to provide technology licences to clients in the global power industry, primarily boiler manufacturers, technology suppliers and engineering companies looking to boost their offering with an innovative and cost effective way to reduce material and maintenance costs for biomass and waste fired boilers.

The Vattenfall Group

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas. In electricity and heat, Vattenfall works in all parts of the value chain: generation, distribution and sales.

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How to contact us


ChlorOut AB
c/o Vattenfall AB
SE - 169 92 Stockholm


Per Kallner, CEO
Phone: +46 722 370 822

Dr. Håkan Kassman, Senior Technical Advisor 
Phone +46 8 699 88 43

Dr. Magnus Berg, Board Member
Phone +46 8 739 71 97